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Meet Worker Job Descriptions

Greenhills GATORS
Meet Worker Job Descriptions


Meet Referee & Starter*:  Responsible for running home meets and is the sole authority for rule interpretations and judgment calls.  Gives commands to swimmers to start each event.  This individual must know what starts are legal and is responsible for the correct order of events.  This person must be knowledgeable with USA Rules of Swimming and meet operations.  Certification is strongly encouraged.

Stroke & Turn Judge:  Responsible for evaluating the use of strokes and turns for each swimmer during an event.  There are four stroke and turn judges located at each end on the pool covering the three lanes closest to them.  Knowledge of USA Rules of Swimming is required.  Certification is strongly encouraged.

Backup Timer:  Responsible for back up timing device for any timer who misses the start of an event or failure with a watch once a race begins.  Responsible for two stopwatches started at the beginning of every race whether they are needed or not.

Lane Timer:  Two timers are required per lane using digital stopwatches (12 timers per meet).  Timers start their watches with the electronic strobe flash or whistle on the starting system.  The watches are stopped when the swimmer touches the wall or breaks the vertical plane with any part of the swimmers body.  Both watch times are recorded on the swimmers lane slip and collected by the runner to be turned in at the scoring table.

Runner:  Collects lane slips from all timers and DQ slips from officials and takes them to the scoring table.  Two runners are needed per meet and should make sure that each lane slip contains two watch times.

Scoring*:  One person is responsible for running Meet Manager to record and score the meet on the computer.  One additional volunteer is needed to sort lane and DQ slips collected by the runner.    Knowledge of “Meet Manager” software is required.

Ribbons:  Two volunteers are needed to be close to the scoring table and are responsible for placing labels on the back of ribbons indicating name, place and time.

Clerk of Course*:  Responsible for preparing lane slips for each swimmer swimming in the home and away meets.  The lane slips are passed out to the designated team parents. (Much of this work is done during the afternoon hours prior to a meet.)

Team Parent:  The glue that keeps us together!!!  Adult supervision is required for each home and away meet by the NSSL.  Team parents generally help keep swimmers of a specific age group, calm and together in the team area.  The main responsibility of the team parents is to make sure all of their swimmers get to the blocks in a timely fashion and organize swimmers for relay events. Team parents are responsible for lane slips getting to the timers for each swimmer prior to each event.  This position requires you to stay for the entire meet.

GATOR Grill: (For Home meets only).  All GATOR Grill supplies and food will be provided by our “Grillmaster*.”  Three additional volunteers are needed to help with preparation, sales, and are expected to clean up their area after the meet.  All monies are to be turned over to the Treasurer at the close of the grill.  The GATOR Grill will close down before the meet is completely over or when the food runs out!

Meet Set-up/Tear Down:  Assist in setting up starting blocks, flags, etc. for home meets.  Must be available in late afternoon and be able to stay and tear down after the meet is over. (Two people can share this job if needed).


(*) Denotes appointed positions due to the specific requirements of these positions


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