Private swim lessons available

    Hello Gator Families,

    If you are looking for a way to help your swimmer get ready for championships, private lessons are often a good choice. Former Gators Grace Kent and Coach Drew are available to teach private lessons. Please contact them directly for information on rates or to schedule a lesson. See below:

    Grace Kent:

    Hello Gator Families,

    My name is Grace Kent and I am currently a guard here at the Greenhills Pool. I normally guard practices and meets so you might have seen me around. I am also a Gator Alumni and during my time with the Gators I have helped the coaches with practices. I also have been a swim instructor for the Greenhills Pool for about 6 years now. I would love to help out any Gators who would like one on one assistance. If interested please contact me at (513)203-3631 for more information.

    Drew Suffoletta:

    I began my swimming career with the Gators at age 6, and I am currently in my 3rd year of coaching Gators. I swam club for 10 years with the Mercy Healthplex Seawolves, and was a 4 year varsity swimmer for Roger Bacon High School. This fall I will return to Wittenberg University for the final season of my collegiate swim career. I am one of the assistant managers at the pool, and I have also taught lessons at the GHP. I enjoy helping swimmers refine strokes and technique. If you would like to schedule a lesson, please text me at 513-473-4505.

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