GATOR News: Concessions donations still needed

    Good morning,

    We have a brief message from our concessions coordinators to pass along:

    Thanks to everyone who has already donated their concessions items so far this season. However, the season is not over just yet.  We still have our final home meet this Thursday, as well as championships at the Swamp so your donations are definitely still needed!  Donations can be dropped off at any practice or brought to a home meet.

    We have inventoried our current drink supply and could use any donations of the following items:  ** As a reminder, we are each FAMILY to donate one 12 pack of soda or Gatorade (see list below) AND 1 case of bottled water, any size or brand.

    Dr. Pepper


    Mt. Dew

    Gatorade -- 20 oz bottles (red, white and blue flavors are popular)

    Thanks for your continued support of Gator concessions and grill!


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