GATOR News: Weather related meet cancellations -- Please read!

    Hello GATOR Families,

    With rain on the forecast for the next several days, here is a reminder about rain during meets:

    Concerning rain at meets:The policy is similar to soccer. If it is JUST raining we will probably swim the meet (Be prepared and bring plastic garbage bags to keep clothes, towels, etc. dry.) If we have  severe weather with thunder, lightning etc., the host team will wait a reasonable amount of time (teams usually wait in the safety of their cars) to decide whether the meet can proceed.  We have had problems in the past with parents and/or a swimmer leaving before the meet is officially cancelled. Then the weather clears up, we swim the meet, but are forced to scratch relay teams because a swimmer left.PLEASE DON’T LEAVE THE POOL UNTIL A FINAL DECISION IS MADE. It is a short season and swim meets are very difficult to reschedule due to facility availability. As a result, every effort is made to get meets in as scheduled.

    Concerning rain at scheduled arrival time: It is unlikely that a meet would be cancelled prior to the scheduled arrival time for swimmers. So, please plan to have your swimmers at the pool as scheduled unless the team has sent an e-mail officially cancelling the meet. We apologize for the inconvenience, but as we all know Cincinnati summer weather can change rather quickly!

    As a final reminder, if you are scheduled to help with tear down, you are expected to stay and help.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  We always appreciate additional help to finish up quickly and change into dry clothes!

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